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Arhane online dating

A reduced quantity of nephrons at birth may contribute to the development of hypertension (6,7) and may be detectable as differences in renal parenchymal volume because kidney weight correlates closely with nephron number (8) in healthy humans.The use of kidney volume as a clinical or research tool has been limited by inaccuracy in its measurement , uncertainty about its determinants, and a lack of normative data.RPV was correlated with age, GFR, and various anthropometric parameters.= 0.62) and accounted for almost all of the variability in a model of GFR that included age, race, gender, and body surface area.GFR correlated more strongly with RPV than with creatinine-based equations.The same relationship between RPV and BSA was observed in obesity, and RPV decreased with weight loss.Of these, 80 were identified prospectively and agreed to a measurement of GFR.

However, renal parenchymal volume is another parameter that may have clinical utility.Sonographic measurements of kidney volume have been used in most studies but are very inaccurate (9–12).Although it is generally accepted that kidney size should be corrected for body size, the magnitude of this correction is unknown, and the influence of other parameters such as gender and age is unclear.Design, setting, participants, & measurements Renal parenchymal volume (RPV) was measured on contrast-enhanced CT scans after exclusion of sinus fat and vessels in 224 healthy subjects evaluated as kidney donors and in a separate cohort of 22 severely obese individuals before and after 6 months of weight loss.GFR was measured by iohexol clearance in 76 of the transplant donors.

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Volume was determined by summing the cross-sectional areas and multiplying by the slice interval.

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