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Their wealth made them the prominent bankers of their age and the first western multi-national corporation.

The most controversial service the Templars offered was the issuance of high profile loans.

In the beginning, there were a total of nine founding knights who made up the organization and were all related to one another through blood or marriage.

As both monks and soldiers, they were a paradox without precedent since there had never been praying priests who took up arms who also took vows of poverty, obedience and celibacy.

In the middle ages, pilgrimages were made by westerners who had been guaranteed their safety in the city and templars protected them through the passes and mountains.

In addition to protection of the pilgrims, Templars also defended the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem and other holy sites as part of their duty.

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Subsequent crusades by later generations would come to be known as failures.

When the holy sites were in Christian hands, Westerners began traveling to the area in record numbers.

Outside the city walls, life was dangerous and there became a need for an escort service which is when the first Knights Templars came forward.

In 1065, Jerusalem was taken by the Turks and the Christians were treated badly enough to where, throughout Christendom, people were stirred to fight and recapture the city.

Another reason for the Crusades stems from the Church‘s desire to block any Islamic incursion into Christian lands.

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For nearly two centuries this organization was the most powerful order in the medieval world.