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But not everyone even understands what it to install a different application.

(No I don't understand this design decision either.) Once in Favourites, the option to "forward" from the "Favourites" screen is unreliable; it seems better to go into the chat itself and press the button, scroll to the Favourites option, and find the MP3 that way.

Ensure it is uploaded before deleting from Favourites.

someone you met on a bus adds you but later deletes you).

Since I found very little English documentation about how this manifests itself, I experimentally confirmed the following in 2015: shut down a group, an administrator can remove each member from it.

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By comparison, Whats App usually compresses inline images to around 250k (with no option to see full size), Telegram scales down to max 1280 pixels per dimension and sends the result as an 87%-quality JPEG (unless uploaded as a file), and LINE can send large JPGs but the recipient must save (to Pictures/LINE) to access resolutions higher than the zoomed-out screen (this screen's "pinch to zoom" does not add more detail), so you'd have to set a reduced to avoid double-bluring.

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