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this man is just too talented, while sooyoung is just a pretty face who doesn't even have strong vocals, jung kyung ho is one of the most talented actors in the kroean industry. Jung Kyung-Ho is one of the most talented actor that Korean has and i think he did an amazing job in Cruel City.... My first korean film that I love was "The Royal Princess".

on the contrary, i don't think sooyoung deserves to date HIM. I love you From indonesia I must say that you're acting skills are amazing‚ô• your character Was so believable it hart my hart so much at the end. I wouldn't have known you if not for HEARTLESS/CRUEL CITY.are just A W E S O M E..sexy, and hot and cool..finished SMILE YOU while waiting for the next episodes of HC:)) so good, hope to watch more dramas from you!!! I don't really post any comment but bcuz of 1 amazing drama called "Cruel City" i really think that he deserved to be praised.... He is my favorite Korean actor when I see him in 'I'm Sorry I love you'. Can't wait to see him in next role 'Roller Coaster'.

Yes, Kim So Yeon is a bit older than Jung Kyung Ho oppa, she was born 1980 while oppa was born 1983. Btw I started paying attention to him during "Falling for Innocence" and found him really funny.

Looking at them in Falling For Innocence, there's no age gap between them. But right now I'm just praising his super A acting quality.

i hope he has a outstanding future and makes more movies. i really love you and your acting, like seriously very real acting and brilliant. It was also my ist time watching Jung Kyoung-Ho and i wasn't expecting him to deliver such intensity to the demanding role of this sort of story. Already finished Falling For Innocence just now and im soooo like him in this drama . i love your chemistry between you and kim so yeon!! and tell your dad he should be proud to have a son like you and I can't wait to meet you so unit then stay happy and healthy ok love you. Keep up the good work and hope to see another drama or movie again after Smile, You!!! Well, I jumped over here after watching Gangster High.

I fell in love with him, the first time, i saw the movie. I wasn't aware of this one but once i got into it captivated my heart from start to finish. i would love to see your next project and least but not least i will be much happier if there have 2 season for falling for Soon Jung! after how many years, my heart for an actor oppa was rekindled! His acting in falling in love looks like a funny catoon. Since the Baron was high ranking and much revered, the actor took the subtle approach by simply lifting only his finger from the arm of his chair and flicked it at the exit. Lve from Malaysia you are so talented and I am proud to be your fan thank you for giving me something to enjoy watching when I am feeling sad your smile bright's my day. Though he's been serving in the army till next year, i wish him the best in his future and expect he would bring up better ferformance in this field:) I luv u kyeong Ho!! I really like your performances in all of your dramas and movies that I've watched already!!

I watch all the drama of Jung Kyung Ho oppa, because I'm his number 1 fan, and I can say that Kim So Yeon is the only actress that suits for him, their SPARK CHEMISTRY IS VERY UNIQUE!!!! Woooooow seeing one more happy ending I became sure you are one of my most favorite actors ever so manly & adorable & in fall in love with soon Jung so funny Cruel city so sexy & charismatic . And he was really really really good in this drama...

After watching K Drama Healer, KMHM, HJM, i thought i will not be able to find another one who will match those dramas. I find him cute because he is not the sexy macho typical type but his charisma is overflowing..! Very expressive i can see his sincerity in his role very much in love with his girl Soon Jung in Falling for Innocence. Loved you in Endless love and Cruel city, your talents are diverse and your ability to immerse 100% into character is in a talent ranking for those rare capable actors. Hope to see him choose a good drama in next role soon. He knows what kind of expression to use and when to use them x D I really loveeee your acting and you're so sexy hahahaha best of luck. Great Guy, you showed a all lot of class in your acting. And one day by chance, I met my friend watching a movie, when I heard it was korean film I just took my book out to read.

They really portrayed their characters very well, and its the reason why their STRONG CHEMISTRY start to SPARK LIKE A BOMB!

I didn't see any chemistry between him and Jang Na Ra when I watch One More Happy Ending! The only actor that suits my taste for Jang Na Ra is Jang Hyuk her costar in Bright Girl and in Fated To Love You, she had a spark chemistry with this actor, just not with Jung Kyung Ho.

I hope it will come to you soon and have a good relationship with Sooyoung forever. and if you were a true fan of sooyoung, i think you'd be happy for their relationship, i mean what is she going to do when she ages, live a lonely life? He did an amazing job in other dramas too but Cruel City is his best i guess... To be candid I hated korea films before, cos I don't understand any of what they are saying.

Cruel city & Endless Love..endured so much pain...spending the entire series for the people u care about..selflessness...thing with Princess Ja-Myung.... he specifically chooses projects that have a nice plot and cast, despite it's popularity, so really, popularity doesn't mean a thing. He really brought up his character really well in the drama... And that film was the key to me watching any other korea film!

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Please choose the right project like cruel city,the character's just make u look more sexy, and I always love ur expression. I hope the writer and producer will make a sequel of Cruel City with the remaining cast especially Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu R.were such a great couple and had believable chemistry.