Tyra trust your dating instincts

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I’m so glad you’re ok Reply It may have seemed innocent in retrospect but too many women have been attacked not to have concern. they should just try to ignore whoever it is as much as possible. anyway, I stopped and told them the situation and asked to use their phone to call my husband — and the guy drove away, thankfully. One time, I was going to a workout class and the parking was really bad.

You definitely did the right thing and what a great reminder about the fact that we put so much effort into fueling and challenging our bodies for health and that also includes keeping it safe from others harm. I would definitely say if anyone out there runs into an experience they consider uncomfortable . I even once stopped by someone’s house where there was a family outside sitting around . I found a spot but it was far away from the building and I thought twice about parking there and decided to circle around and wait for someone to leave before I parked.

Your chances of survival drop significantly if you let them take you somewhere.

Reply Oh Angela, I’m so sorry that happened to you.

I think that mace and pepper spray are technically legal in Canada, but you have to say that its intended for use against animals only. Then they stopped to ask directions and I shouted them out and just kept going. I work in law enforcement and I see the worst of the worst. I usually trust myself to know what’s good for me but just like Jenny above, I find myself saying yes too much to my own taste…

Posting stories like this on the internet is a GREAT idea. I deliberately passed my house because I had a really strange gut feeling. At first I thought I was jaded and bitter but in reality, my gut has just become even more fine-tuned. Reply I’m really glad nothing happened…I was nervous reading this story! I’ve been watching the same tv shows as you & I’ve learned that it’s better to possibly hurt someone’s feelings (or look crazy) than risk it.

i’m super cautious all the time…i always have been, but my best friend went through something horrible, and since then i’ve been even more wary. There was another option (I can’t remember what it was) but it was super expensive, that said it would even stop a cougar or hungry bear in it’s tracks – the bottle was huge, and not something I could imagine carrying around. I also always bring my health card with me and a whistle I got for free from New Balance.Thankfully he was SO nice about it and reminded me that I did the right thing. They banned using mobile phones in cars in the UK a couple of years ago, but everyone seems to do it anyway (I don’t have a car so I’m clear). I think running definitely makes you more vulnerable that biking. At first I was like you — worried that maybe I should smile at him so I wouldn’t feel rude (people pleaser! ) — but Dan said “I don’t like how that guy is looking at you like that . There are so many big SUVs, it is difficult to see who may be standing behind them.I’ll stick to my wheels :) Reply Thank God nothing happened to you! My classes often let out after dark, and the garage at school could be kind of creepy at that time!Every woman will find herself in this situation, unfortunately. I go walking in a forest near my home, and even though I go with my dog, I don’t always carry my cell phone or tell anyone where I’m going – I shall definitely be doing those things in the future.Reply I actually did have that thought’ oh im wasting the police officers time’ in my head. The one thing that struck me about this story was, despite the creep in the car, how law abiding you Canadians are, pulling over to make a call. I don’t think you should take walks alone down this street anymore.” Also, the pepper spray makes me feel safer when I’m going to my car in a parking garage.

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I quickly swung into a clothing store and walked halfway in and then turned around to see if the guy came in.

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